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About Me


Dorothy used to be a physical geographer, making her footprints all over mountains, forests, rivers and creeks. She met yoga at the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre in Hong Kong back in 2000, where she studied Raja yoga meditation. The journey grew quickly when she traded her hiking boots to a sticky mat.

She has been practicing the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga over 15 years, under direct mentorship of Manju Jois and John Scott. 

She has since been assisting and teaching with John across the world to pass on her limited knowledge of Yoga to the growing community. 

In past two years, she has also established her teaching in China with Fine Yoga where she ran teacher trainings and CPDs for teachers.  Upon her return from China in late 2011, she continues to teach and adopt yoga as a holistic therapy of body rehabilitation and mindfulness. 

She has learned to embrace her practice and teaching just as her dear teacher Manju Jois says, be simple, laugh more, and “don’t take it too seriously”!

She is authorized to teach the primary and intermediate series by Manju Jois of the European Academy of Yoga and one of the few senior teachers in Asia endorsed by John Scott.

Besides yoga, she is also the delegated investigator in some major chronic pain rehabilitation projects in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine of the University of Hong Kong.